Stanford BEAM

Reflection (Mind Map)


A mind map is a way to diagram your thoughts and explore a career topic. It’s a simple process for examining pros and cons and for linking relevant elements. This flexible tool will help you make better decisions along your career path.

Some possible mind map styles:

1. Put yourself in the center and list relevant activities, experiences, concerns or questions.
2. Start with a specific career field that interests you and try it out – consider all the avenues in that field and any benefits, concerns or questions.
3. Map out a number of career fields you are considering and include your thoughts about each field.


1. 2. 3.

To get started:

• Type a word in the bubble text box and click “Add New.” Select a color if you’d like.
• You must deselect a bubble before adding another. Click on the white page to deselect it.
• Make more bubbles! Move each one to a new spot, and then deselect it.
• Connect two bubbles by clicking on one, selecting “Toggle Connection,” and then clicking on the other bubble.
(To make additional mind maps, you must be signed in and start a new “Career Path.”)