Stanford BEAM

Informational Interview


  1. Use the examples below as guides to write your own introduction, background, and questions on the next page.
  2. Bring your Introduction/Ten Questions sheet to your informational interview meeting. Use the Informational Interview Reflection sheet after each meeting.

Introduce Yourself and State Your Purpose

“Hello. It’s a pleasure to meet you, and I really appreciate your taking the time to see me (or speak to me). As I said in my email, I am exploring various career fields and opportunities. I will be graduating in ___, and am especially interested in learning more about the _____ field. I am not looking for a job at this point, but am researching the field.” Or “I am researching possibilities for summer internships to gain experience in the ____ field, and would appreciate your perspective as someone involved in the field.”

Talk About Your Background in Brief, Conversational Terms

“I’d like to tell you a little more about my background, so you can give me advice on how I might plan my next steps. I have taken some time to think about my experience and education and feel my particular skills involve analysis (using my econ background and interest in solving complex strategic problems), communication and teamwork skills, and thinking on my feet. I am considering going to graduate school in ___, ___, or possibly ___ in a few years, but until then I want to get involved in this field (or possibly a name of an allied field) and clarify my career plans.

Write Your Own Introduction and Background

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