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In the Know Thyself phase you learned more about what is important to you. Now you will use that information as key criteria to explore and evaluate careers. From this research and exploration process you will be able to narrow down your interests and identify those fields that you would like to pursue for a job or internship.

Identify Your Careers: Take your top 3 careers from the Career Interest activity in the first phase or think about your career interests now. These are the areas you will research first.

Criteria for Research: What do you want to learn about your top industries or organizations? Fill in the Work Environment Checklist to identify your criteria. Other factors to consider are whether the skills and values you identified from the Know Thyself activities will be satisfied.

Ways to Research: Use the methods listed on the left (Read About Careers, Connect with People, Try it Out) to investigate career fields. Analyze each career field to determine if your criteria will be fulfilled.