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About Us


The T.R.E.E. content was developed by Laura Dominguez Chan, Kristin Conner, and Margot Gilliland at BEAM, Stanford Career Education. Work on the T.R.E.E. began in 2008 after looking at the variety of career development assessments and activities available. It was determined that none exactly fit the needs of Stanford students, so Laura, Kristin, and Margot began a journey to develop content they felt would best fit for the students with whom they worked. They pursued a flexible format that would allow the content to be modified to the the changing needs of students. Xuan Wu came on board in 2011 developing the website, bringing to fruition the ideas that had been ruminating for so many years.

Thank You

Laura, Kristin, and Margot would like to thank Xuan Wu for his creativity and fantastic technical know-how in developing the website, the staff of BEAM, Stanford Career Education for their support and encouragement throughout this project, and student user #1, Ryan Swoboda ‘14 for his perspective and insights. This was truly a group effort and they appreciate everyone’s assistance.


Please feel free to email us with any questions about this program and purchasing options.